Running thoughts (OR Huh?)

Mr. Keating Five fought corruption?

How, exactly, did Gen. Petraeus get elevated to, apparently, the best General this country has ever seen?

McCain fights for me by kicking me in the groin and laughing at me while insisting that it’s making it me stronger.

Says C: Because that’s what he learned after he crashed and was taken prisoner, so we all need to learn it too; can we all have his millions afterward?

Wait, Republicans had principles?

Mr. Drill Here, Drill Now thinks Sen. Obama is Big Oil’s pocket?

We believe in not sharing and controlling your personal lives.

He’ll make more choices available, unless that choice is to marry someone of the same gender, or abort an unwanted child.

I’m John McCain and I will state some things as fact without any sort of evidence, proof, or rationale. My audience will accept them all as truth and “boo” accordingly.

Wait a second…  did Sen. McCain just explain something resembling a policy proposal (worker retraining)? That seems a little out of place. He didn’t explain how he’d pay for it though, since he just said he’d cut government spending.

I wish I had a blue elephant hat. No, wait. I don’t.

So, Sen. McCain just espoused, essentially, a Democratic energy plan (with a large sampling of “Drill baby, drill”) and the Republicans lemmings cheered. Does drilling matter to the people that much? Is it impossible for them to see how short sighted clinging to oil is?

There it is! That’s why Sen. McCain picked Gov. Palin. Russia is trying to rebuild an empire by invading neighboring countries to control their oil. Alaska is, as Cindy McCain told us, right next to Russia…  it’s obvious that we’re next! Gov. Palin, though, will be able use her extensive experience in Alaska to rally the polar bears and penguins to withstand the furious Russian assault.

I hate war, and want to keep other families from sending their parents and children to new wars. But, I’m a militaristic man with a temper, so don’t hold me to that.

Sen. McCain wants to change the way everything in Washington is done, to invent in infrastructure, in our children, in each other…   Just like the Democrats have been trying to do for decades.

“Let’s use the best ideas from both sides”…  just like I’m stealing all these ideas from the Democrats and this vision from Sen. Obama.

Wow. Sen. McCain really does hate to talk about his POW experience. He’s certainly speaking hesitantly, and emotionally about it…  oh wait, no he’s not. It really is a remarkable story, and Sen. McCain claims to have learned some lessons from it. But, really…  what does it have to with being President?

“My country saved me” …  cool. Now, save your country by conceding the Presidency now.

“If you find faults with our country, make it a better one. If you’re dissapointed with the mistakes of government, join its ranks and work to correct them. […] Run for public office.”  Just like Sen. Obama has done and is doing? Seriously, does he not see that connection?

OK, I know there aren’t many ways to convey the conflict of ideas, of the struggle we all undertake to improve our selves, our situation, our station, but do we have to cache everything as “fight”? Fight for this, fight for that…  Are we really that pugnacious of a society?

And, it’s over. Phew. I made it. My TV survived.


One Response to Running thoughts (OR Huh?)

  1. […] noted the extremely odd moment of McCain, in an entirely incongruously Clintonian moment, proposing an actual new program for worker retraining: For workers in industries that have been hard hit, we’ll help make up part of the difference […]

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