Disconnect (OR Inside the Republican Mind)

Marc Ambinder had a couple nuggets today from the McCain campaign that deserve comment.


McCain will focus on the battles he’s had with his party and make the contrast: has Obama ever taken on his party when it was politically inexpedient?

This is one of those things that the McCain camp seems to bring up often, as though it’s a badge of honor. Look, it’s really easy to oppose Republican policies and ideas. It can be really easy to find an issue to oppose the GOP on and, simultaneously, appeal to the vast majority of Americans. I think it’s, generally, much harder to do the same with Democratic policies. Taking on a party that is generally wrong almost can’t be politically inexpedient, by definition.


[The McCain Campaign] insist[s] that no one knows what a community organizer is, and whatever they think it is, it doesn’t compare to being a mayor.


Indeed, the Obama campaign knows that many Americans don’t know what a community organizer does, and they’ve changed the way they refers to Obama’s experience too. When he talks about community organizing now, he references his organizing work for churches. That embeds the work in a more familiar context. Inner city Catholics know what community organizers do, certainly.

So, if we accept that “inner city Catholics” know what community organizers do, and further posit that many church goes at least have an inkling of the same, doesn’t that really leave “elite” urban and suburbanites as the only people who don’t know? Doesn’t that mean that the McCain campaign is appealing to the same “elites” of which they claim Sen. Obama is a member?

Maybe it’s just me.

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