Of Politics And Thankfulness

As of the moment of writing, it looks like Hurricane Gustav is going to spare New Orleans from the worst predictions, with lots of rain and wind damage, but minimal flooding and no levee breaching.

I have very little to offer to this subject which has not been said in other places, but I am extremely thankful for this news.  New Orleans has seen enough tragedy in recent memory, and I’m glad that they were spared further massive destruction.

Although I have lots of cynical instincts in this regard, I am very proud of John McCain’s, and the entire Republican Party’s, decision to take the evening away from politicking, and spend those resources trying to raise funds to provide emergency relief to the affected areas.  Similarly, kudos to the Obama campaign for using their massive text message and e-mail rolls to try and solicit Red Cross donations.

Incidentally, I’m watching Bobby Jindal do the update in front of the press, and he is good.  Really good.  He is calm, confident, and has the right answers to every question.  He’s even going enviro on us, talking about how important it is to help heal the estuaries and wetlands, as they serve as a buffer to protect the levees from incoming tidal surges.  Purely politically, I’m really happy that McCain didn’t choose Jindal to be his #2.  Jindal is going to come out of this looking pretty fantastic, I suspect.

I suspect that, when the Republicans resume their convention tomorrow, I’ll be right back to shouting furiously at the TV screen.  But, for tonight, it seems like everyone is doing the right thing, and I’m thankful for it.


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