In Detail (OR More Information on Gov. Palin)

Here are couple stories about Gov. Palin’s difficulties back in Alaska:

From Talking Points Memo: Getting Real About Palin

Here’s the most interesting part (from a campaign point of view):

In an interesting sidelight, that may end up telling us a lot, Monegan says no one from the McCain campaign ever contacted him in the vetting process.

That is, the McCain campaign did not vet one of the primary actors in Gov. Palin’s current political difficulties. That doesn’t seem very Presidential.

And, from the Washington Post: Long-Standing Feud in Alaska Embroils Palin

Most interseting here:

The legislative [investigation] report is due in October.

Which means that a major wrench could be thrown in the McCain/Palin hopes in the last month of the campaign. Kinda makes you think that, perhaps, the McCain campaign should have vetted Gov. Palin a little more/better.


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