Home At Last

With all due respect to Thomas Frank, what’s the matter with Kansas has nothing whatsoever to do with their reactionary politics, or their propensity for voting against their economic interest when told they must do so to prevent, for instance, The Gays from being able to marry.  No, instead, the problem with Kansas, or at least the problem I have with it, has much more to with its mere existence.  Specifically, the fact that it is flat and hot, humid and buggy, and that it takes some 8 hours to get the heck across it at 80 mph.

However, I feel quite comfortable telling you that, should you ever find yourself with reason to spend any time whatsoever in Hays, Kansas, that you could do much worse than to find the Lb Brewing Company’s brew pub (it’s attached to Gella’s Diner, on the corner of 11th and Main), and try either the Oatmeal Stout, if dark beers are your thing, or the Raspberry Wheat, if you prefer the lighter flavors of brew.  You could definitely do a lot worse than that.  I was quite pleasantly surprised to find a quality brew pub, one eminently worthy of inclusion in Boulder, or Portland, on the main drag of a small town in the middle of Kansas.

All that said, I survived the ongoing drudgery that is a motorcycle ride across Kansas in late August, and am writing this from a comfortably reclined position (key point – very little weight being borne by the ass) on my very own couch.

2 weeks and 2 days, 16 states, 2,200 miles by motorcycle – all in all, not such a bad trip.  If I ever do such a big trip by bike again, I will absolutely do it Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance style, on mostly local roads instead of interstates, and with the primary goal being the journey, rather than the goal of arriving in a certain spot on a certain date.  Motorcycle travel, at least with this bike, is simply not quite the appropriate way to get from here to there as quickly as possible, especially when ‘here’ and ‘there’ are 200 miles apart.

Sorry, no good pictures from Kansas.  Honestly, there simply wasn’t much worth reporting on!

The best news is that I am not expected back at work until Tuesday, so I have this evening to recover, unpack, and do some grocery shopping, then tomorrow to pick up Simon, get my recovery massage, and generally start putting my normal life back together, just in time to pick back up with the political season as the real presidential election season starts…


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