And The Winner Is…

Joe Biden, senator from the state of Delaware.

I don’t have too much to say about this.  It’s not the most inspired, or inspiring, choice of all time.  But Biden is a very good surrogate when it comes to talking (and talking, and talking) about foreign policy.  He’s an old political hand, and will be very good at staying on-message, and he has a much better relationship with the national press than Obama does.  In fact, on this count, he has a relationship with the Brokaws and Blitzers of the Washington world that rivals that of McCain.

Obviously, the biggest qualification Biden brings is his long experience in foreign affairs.  Better than most, he is capable of highlighting an actual, realistic foreign policy which is based in liberal thoughts and opinions.  Now, he still voted for the Bush invasion of Iraq, after failing to disrupt it with the Biden-Lugar amendment, and for that and many other reasons, he’s hardly perfect, but he’s a perfectly respectable pick, and someone I would have no problem being one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

In fact, I always thought that he would, on the merits, be the best actual president of all the major candidates, but one of the least likely to make it because he has real issues in a long campaign.  So, in the shortened period of August-to-November, his weaknesses can be covered up, and he can get pretty close to the presidency without having to run a full 2-year campaign.  So, I think he’s a fine pick.

Instead, I will share my favorite story relating to the fact that I am from Delaware.  I went to an 18-up concert at a dance club in Houston when I was in college there.  The bouncer took one look at my driver’s license, then a second, then looked at me and said ‘if you are going to get a fake I.D., at least get one from an actual state.  Delaware?  What the hell is that supposed to be?’  My response was, and I quote: ‘I have no idea what to say in response to that.  Can I speak to your manager, please?’  The manager came over, listened to the story, smacked his bouncer in the head, apologized to me, while murmuring something about the crappy Houston public schools, and I went on my way…


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