Vice-Presidential Musings

I have very little to offer with regards to the ongoing discussion of who Obama is going to pick as his VP nominee.  I could put up some links to all manner of unfounded speculation, from every leading light (as well as most of the trailing ones) in both the mainstream media and the blogosphere.

But, no.  I have nothing new to add, and if you care at all about this sort of thing, you’ve already read more about it than I could ever hope to add to.  The only thing I will point out is that one of the funniest things has been the MSM bloviating about the ‘Top 3’ list of the day.  I love how it shifts around, whether it’s Tim Kaine on top, as was the case first, or Evan Bayh’s day in the sun, or Joe Biden, who is the current flavor of the moment.  All of which happens with absolutely no information whatsoever coming out of the Obama campaign, which is keeping its lips tightly sealed, along with all the most talked-about candidates.

And so, with no actual information to go on, someone in the MSM makes up their ‘Top 3’ list, based on anything, or nothing at all.  He or she repeats it enough times, and suddenly it becomes the conventional wisdom of the day, or the week, and everyone starts dissecting it, and what the possible reasons are that Kaine is now in the doghouse, or whatever.

My favorite moment was on a recent Hardball podcast, when Chris Matthews theorized something like (to paraphrase): “do you think the harsh negative reaction that the netroots, however you want to define that, had about Evan Bayh is the reason he’s no longer the front runner?”  But here’s the thing: he never was the front runner! At least, so far as any of us know – he may have had it locked up months ago, or he may never have been involved, or he may have had a chance all along.  None of us know, and probably never will.  And if he was, his status may or may not have changed.  Which means that speculating about why it changed is the ultimate in navel-gazing self-absorption.

In other words, the perfect activity for a full-time wanker like Matthews and his MSM brethren and sistren.


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