Re-reminder (OR You Will Respect My Authori-tie!)

Shane tries to (well, successfully does) belittle the Rockies, although I think he should have better taste than to stab a cold, long-dead corpse in the back.

I’m hardly a Rockies fan – last season I wrote a very nice, if I do say so myself, defense of Fair-Weather Fandom when the Rockies suddenly caught fire at the end of the season and went from annual joke to the World Series in the space of the 22 straight games they won – but I feel like I should point out that, laugh if you will, they are still the defending National League Champions (yes, yes, they were the best of the absolutely worst league, blah blah fuckity blah) until someone else wins the league.  And, yes, they’re horrible, but at least…oh hell, there is no at least.  They’re just horrible.

Maybe Obama will be the hero of the metro Denver area by naming Rocks manager Clint Hurdle to be his veep nominee, saving him from the awful situation he’s stuck in?


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