Good News On TV

In a very good piece of news, we learned today that MSNBC has confirmed that Rachel Maddow will be getting her own TV show, to start after the Republican National Convention, in the slot after Keith Olbermann.

This is very good news indeed.  Maddow’s subtitutions for K.O. on Countdown this summer have been quite enjoyable, much better to listen to than, for instance, the sub hosts on Pardon the Interruption have been during Kornheiser’s absences this summer.  So, it will be good television, and another good show featuring an unadulterated liberal is absolutely a good thing.

However, to me, the key point is that this is the first time that a prime-time news show has been given to an unabashed liberal, someone who is absolutely a member of the left-wing noise machine.  Olbermann was not the absolute hero of the left now that he is now when he first got his show.  I haven’t been paying attention long enough to know exactly when he made the transition to an anti-Bill O’Reilly rabblerouser, but I know that the show is quite different now than when he first started.

So, three cheers for MSNBC for finally taking the plunge and becoming the full-on Fox News of the left, a voice that has been badly needed for many years now.


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