Where You At?

Right now?  Wilmington, Delaware, sitting in my parents’ living room, watching Leo the Wonderdog chew on a knot of rawhide the size of a Shetland Pony.

It’s been a really excellent trip so far, but mostly, it’s been notable for the lack of excitement.  Some highlights:

  • The trip out.  Shelling out the extra $30 for United’s “Economy Plus” section was totally worth it.  When you barely fit in the seat, an extra 5 inches of legroom is absolutely fabulous.
  • If you ever have to fly out of the minijet area in Dulles International Airport, I pity you.  There are planes leaving every 10 or 15 minutes, the sound system is really poor, so it’s difficult to understand much of anything that’s being said, and on top of that, very few of the people doing announcements appear to have English as a first, or even second, language.  So finding, then getting on, your plane is a bit of excitement.
  • As a card-carrying member of the Sensitive New Age Guy club, I try to be supportive of people of all sorts of body shapes and sizes.  I don’t think less of people for being short, or fat, or anything like that.  But, if you’re so large that you can’t put down the armrest, and not really even come all that close, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you either buy two coach seats or one business class seat.  I have come to grips with the fact that, when I buy an airplane seat, I am no longer buying a free drink, or free headphones, or even a blanket and pillow.  But, come on – I am buying the seat, right?  And that ought to, in my opinion, include every square inch of the seat surface, and the imaginary column of space projected up from the seat cushion to the ceiling of the plane.  I don’t think that’s asking too much.
  • Boston continues to be one of my favorite cities to visit.  For one, my friends M.K. and L.P. are so wonderful to visit.  It’s great to catch up with M, reminiscing about old times.  I actually have favorable thoughts about high school when we part company, which is unusual indeed.  Also, Boston is a wonderful town itself.  The transit system, the T, is really easy to use.  The food choices are great, especially the seafood (oysters – yum!!)  In all, I always enjoy my trips to Boston.
  • Cape Cod was also quite enjoyable, although the weather during my 30-hour trip left something to be desired.  Had a lovely visit with J.D.’s family, including wine-and-cheese with the neighbors, and a lovely chicken dinner with the entire fam.  N.D. and I took a wonderful 7-mile run on Tuesday morning, and the three of us had a great lunch at a place called ‘Beach Combers’, right on the beach, of all places.  45 minutes or so in Provincetown was enough to convince me that Provincetown was like all the other touristy beach towns I’ve spent time in, like Ocean City, Md, or Ocean City, NJ, except with more nice jewelry shops, due to all the rich people, and all the gay people, due to P-town being known as the ‘gay Ocean City.’  Good fudge shops, though, and no, I’m not making a gay joke there.
  • 8 hours on a Greyhound bus from Boston to Delaware, via New York, is enough to begin to unravel my faith in the inherent goodness of humanity.  It irritates me to no end that Amtrak, which should be a completely reasonable way to get up and down the East Coast, is so ridiculously expensive.  It took 7:45 for me to get from Boston to Wilmington on Greyhound, and cost $55.  It would have been 6:30 to do it on regular Amtrak train, and cost $120.  It would have taken 5:15 to do it on Acela, Amtrak’s high-speed option, and would have cost $220.  WTF?  Every hour-and-fifteen-minutes was worth a price doubling???  Really?
  • And, also, to the guy in front of me on the Boston-to-New York leg of the Greyhound, who was apparently really in a hurry, and spent most of the last 3 hours of the trip, spent mostly in traffic, staring off into space, then looking at his watch, sighing very meaningfully, muttering something under his breath, and going back into staring off into space again: you need to learn how to relax.  If you keep up like this, you are going to live a very short, very stressed, life, and die a very unhappy person.
  • My new motorcycle is very large.  And very loud.  Very loud.  Also, very fun to ride.  It’s a bit low to the ground, really low to the ground compared to my current bike.  We’ll have to see if I get used to that.  The good news is that the original mufflers were delivered today, so I am going to have them put back on before heading off into the big wide world on the next, two-wheeled portion of my trip tomorrow.

That brings us about up-to-date on the trip so far.  Although very little of note has happened, I haven’t felt like I’ve had a ton of time where I’ve been sitting around, doing nothing, thinking ‘boy, I need to blog!’

Sadly, it looks like my erstwhile co-blogger is going to claim being overly busy as his excuse, too, as if somehow ‘new job’ stacks up to ‘lazy uneventful vacation’ in terms of how occupied it keeps you.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in blogostan.  More soon!


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