Deep Breath, Please

I know that it’s the silly season, and one of the requirements is to get all breathless and huffy about wild accusations sent in the general direction of your preferred Presidential candidate, but can we all agree to take a step back and calm down, just a little?

Ezra is right – it’s bad policy and bad politics to try and paint McCain as old, senile, and entirely out of it.  It’s not true, and people will pick up on it.  Is he old?  Yes.  Is it funny to point out that, for instance, chocolate chip cookies are younger than John McCain?  Sure.  And I find McCain’s off-the-cuff, confused-sounding speaking style, which nicely straddles the line between ‘uninformed’ and ‘complete bullshit’, to be irritating, but talking about it won’t really have any effect on people who don’t share that opinion to begin with.

So, for the Repubs to hyperventilate every time any Obama surrogate uses the words ‘old’, ‘confused’, or something of the like to describe McCain or his policies is just stupid.  If the Dems want to hang themselves by that rope, the Repubs ought to be willing to let them.

Similarly, for all I know, it may even be true that various elements of the Republican party, the right-wing Noise Machine, or even the McCain campaign are trying to insinuate that Barack Obama is the anti-christ.  But it’s entirely insane to make a big deal of it.  For one thing, just bloviating about it gives credibility to an otherwise self-evidently absurd story, and shouting about something so inane really turns off moderate types.  For another, and more importantly, do you really think anyone who reads the Left Behind series, and jumps from them to the decision that Obama might be the anti-christ, was really going to vote for him in the first place???

Let’s just sit back, watch the unnaturally muscular female swimmers demolish their competition (and, hopefully, rip off the heads of her defeated foes to keep as souvenirs over the mantle at home), and just try to relax a little bit…


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