It’s August (OR Less than a month to NFL season)

I’m pretty sure Dave and I indicated we’d talk sports on this here blog, to break on the political monotony. And, Just as the political season is in a lull, so too has the sports world been. FIrst, baseball doesn’t count, and I’m pretty sure you all weren’t nearly as interested in the Tour de France as I was…

And so, we’ve reached August. I’m pretty sure I saw an ad for a pre-season football game last weekend, which means football is almost back. Of course, this is all pre-amble to the obligitory comment about Brett Favre:

Is it this kind of indecision (retired or not) that has led Favre his record number of interceptions? This guy is worse than Roger Clemens. At least Clemens only need to pitch 5 innings of every 5th game, so he could get away with not really practicing or playing for half a season, and we didn’t have to hear about him every week (oh, wait.. nevermind).

So, he’s come back. Good for him. Maybe he’ll hang around a couple years (since, he’s probably good enough, considering the dearth of quality quarterbacks in the League). But, the next time he says he’s retired, he better stay that way.

Of course, playing for the Jets might make him wish he was retired. I think the Jets made a good move. Chad Pennington wasn’t going to work out for them in the short or near term (now, maybe he has some of his arm strength back so he won’t be throwing ducks all over the place, but I wouldn’t bank on it…    come to think of it, do we have any evidence that Jets receivers can catch a ball thrown as hard as Favre would throw it?). Getting Favre is a good move, as is Green Bay getting rid of him (if they let Favre linger too much longer, Aaron Rodgers would be retiring soon).

Anyway- now that Favre has found a home, can we stop talking about him now?


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