The Sound…Of Silence

It’s an amazing day in the blogosphere, as we are a mere two hours away from a full calendar day without a post from Matthew Yglesias.  In a streak that has Cal Ripken shaking his head in wonderment, Matt has gone some 4 years without missing a single day of posting, but that all ends today.

He announced some weeks back that he’s accepted a new position at the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tankey organization.  It’ll be interesting to see how this affects his policy stances, although I highly doubt that he will be all that affected, at least in the short term, since he is quite gifted with the complete lack of self-introspection that only the young can truly possess, so he’ll keep going along the same way, at least for a while.

He announced in his final post that he’s taking a weeklong vacation before moving over to his new digs.  I suspect that, by the end of the week, I might actually miss him but, for today, the silence looming over my RSS feed was deafening, and I have to say I…quite…liked it.


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