Well everyone,

I know that it’s becoming a bi-weekly event of mine to announce that I’m Back! With a Vengeance! For Real This Time!

So, I’m not going to do it.  Instead, I am going to make a different kind of announcement: the following 365 days are going to be The Year Of Dave.

I’m not entirely sure what this dedication even means – at the moment, it is a very sketchy set of ideals, rather than a specific plan.  It’s based in the specific announcement that I am going to take off the summer of 2009 from running Ultimate tournaments.  This isn’t because the Colorado Cup, my second tournament of the summer, which took place last weekend, went particularly badly.  We had somewhat serious weather issues, with high winds and lightning delays on both days, but the teams were pretty understanding of the vagaries of Colorado summer weather.  I felt like, overall, everything that was under my control went quite well over the course of the weekend.

No, instead, it’s a realization that, as much as I love doing things like running the Cup, it is really cutting into my ability to do many other things that I want to do.  Like my weekly landscaping projects, which I have been doing a little of, but not nearly as much as I had hoped to.  So, for the next year, or so, I am going to focus on doing more of the things that I want to do, and less on the things that I have committed to do.

And, one of the things that I want to do more is blog.  So, hopefully, that will mean that I will be doing more blogging.  Hurrah!


2 Responses to Hurrah!

  1. […] I announced earlier this evening that this upcoming 12 months is going to be the Year of Dave, featuring lots of me doing more of the things that I want to do, for […]

  2. Tyson N says:

    I hate when weather screws with an otherwise perfectly cromulent tourney.

    Hash more.

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