A Not-So-Typical Weekend

Several people have asked me about whether running tournaments is really all that hard.  I don’t really have a good, convincing answer to that fairly large question.  Instead, I thought that I would tell you about my morning on Monday, and see what you thought about it.

I woke up later than I had hoped to this morning, because apparently in my exhaustion from the weekend, I forgot to actually set my alarm clock.  I had hoped to be out of the house by 6:45, but I didn’t wake up until 6:40 or so.

So, any plans for a classy or decent breakfast were gone.  Instead, it was instant oatmeal and a Monster-brand energy drink (like a Red Bull, only less destructive of your stomach lining, or at least of mine), as I fed the dog.

Before I could leave the house, I had to get my bike rack attached to my car, then my road bike attached to the bike rack.  I drove to Boulder, about a 15-minute drive extended to more like 25 minutes thanks to rush hour traffic.

I drove to the field complex where the tournament was.  I opened up the U-Haul that we had been using as a portable storage unit all weekend.  Inside the truck were:

  • 8 card tables and 10 folding chairs from Rental City Special Events
  • 15 collapsible recycling bins and lids from Ecocycle
  • Two keg tubs from Boulder Beer
  • One trashed 10’x10′ pop-up tent which belonged to GRU
  • A few items of trash that hadn’t been disposed of yet

Before leaving the fields, I pulled the bike and bike rack off my car.  I removed all the recycling bins and lids from the U-Haul and put them in my car.  I put my road bike in the back of the truck, and put the bike rack, pop-up tent, and keg tubs in the grass next to my car.  I removed the trash items from the truck and went to talk to the field managers to make sure everything was fine.  After schmoozing with them for a few minutes, I walked down to the dumpster and threw away the trash items.  Then I moved the two golf carts, left from the night before, from the secure area up to the main patio.

After this, I got in the U-Haul, and drove the 8 or so minutes to Rental City to return the tables and chairs.  After that, I drove back into Boulder, put gas in the U-Haul, and returned it.

I then pulled my road bike from the truck and rode back to the field complex, a 15-20 minute ride.  I locked my bike up, put the keg tubs and my bike rack back in the car, and drove my car to Ecocycle to return the recycling bins.  I had to make two separate trips because Ecocycle doesn’t open until 9, and I technically had to return the truck by 8 AM to avoid penalties.  In reality, I returned the truck around 8:15, but he did not assess me any extra fees.

After returning the bins I drove back to the fields again, put the pop-up tent in my car, then put the bike rack back on the car and re-attached my bike.  I drove down to Mark Bloomfield’s house so I could put the pop-up tent and a few random items in his garage for him to deal with.

At this point, having successfully completed my morning’s worth of activities, I drove to KFC for a real breakfast (real being, of course, a relative concept, but I was desperate for some protein) and then heading into work for a wonderful day of zombie-quality optical engineering.

Mind you, all of this happened before 10:30 in the morning.  Extrapolate that out to a 3-day weekend and you tell me if you think it sounds hard…


One Response to A Not-So-Typical Weekend

  1. LT says:

    As a fellow tournament director. All I can say to the question “whether running tournaments is really all that hard” is yes, Hell yes. And that’s on the weekends when the weather is perfect!

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