Self-Awareness (OR Represent what you tout)

I am, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, a bit behind on stuff… I imagine that’ll only get worse as I start my new job. For now though, let’s catch up on the week.

As Sen. Obama traveled the world (after Sen McCain goaded him into it, only to attack him for doing it), Sen. McCain released this “poster”

Matt takes a shot:

I’ve seen a good deal of mockery of this McCain campaign poster on the grounds that he seems to be more angling to be God’s successor than George W. Bush’s but less on the underlying claim that he somehow possesses a unique level of wisdom necessary to bring about peace:

In fact, McCain has a notably thoughtless approach to the world situation.

Which was rather along the lines of my thoughts. It’s perhaps true that peace is born of wisdom, but it seems rather odd for Sen. McCain to claim that he possesses that wisdom. Especially, when his foreign policy approach is best described as hawkish. Peace is born of the wisdom to not go senselessly to war; of the wisdom to not joke about bombing a country in the already unstable Middle East; of the wisdom to to not joke about killing that same country’s inhabitants with cigarettes.

In other humorous aspects of this, why include fighter jets, which are, after all, tools of war, on a poster endorsing the value of peace?


One Response to Self-Awareness (OR Represent what you tout)

  1. Jenny says:

    On one hand I feel for McCain and the fact that no one ever gets his jokes. I think sometime people take themselves and the world too seriously. However, on the other hand… Tough sh*t, John. You are and want to be in a position of being taken seriously. The power of the president and leading the “free world” require the utmost seriousness. So maybe you should rethink your approach and save the one-liners for your family and closest friends who “get” you.

    Besides, it seems like he always has to explain his jokes. A good comic never has to explain the joke. So either he’s a bad comic, or he is claiming these things are jokes after they come out as gaffes.

    But back to sympathizing, I would probably make the same bad jokes that no one gets. But that’s why I’m not planning to be in the public eye.

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