Say Anything (OR Cognitive Dissonance)

Dave is kind enough to point out this wonderous statement from Sen. McCain:

You can’t get over the fact that historically when you raise people’s taxes, revenue goes down[.]

Both Ezra and Dave have rightfully disparaged the content of this sentence, and I’m not looking to reiterate.

What is interesting to me, though, is how this jives (or doesn’t) with Sen. McCain’s regular assertions that Sen. Obama will raise everyone’s taxes to pay for all his wonderful toys.. er, programs.

Let me get this straight…  Sen. Obama wants the government to do some stuff, and doing that stuff will require more money, and getting that money will require more revenue, which will require raising everyone’s taxes.

And yet, Sen. McCain says that when you raise the taxes, you don’t get more money. I guess this explains how Sen. McCain thinks he can balance the budget, without significant service reductions, by cutting taxes.


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