A What Of What?

Via Ross, the trailer for the new Daniel Craig Bond film, due in November.

Look, I am a big fan of these new, dirtier darker franchise reboots, like Batman Begins and Casino Royale.  Just like Frank Miller’s Batman reboot back in the mid 80’s (The Dark Knight Returns) gave a real kick in the pants to a franchise which had plummeted off the cliff of inanity and self-satire.  I loved Casino Royale, and I am unnaturally excited about next month’s The Dark Knight.

But really – Quantum of Solace? What the hell kind of title is that??  I feel like that had to be the result of some sort of bet, or something, right?  Nobody thinks that’s the sort of title that make people say ‘yes! Yes!  Quantum of Solace!  That’s gold, Jerry – gold!’  Instead, I feel like the producer must have lost a bet in a big poker game, and agreed to name his next movie by drawing the first and third words from a hat filled with nothing but two-syllable words that are at least at the 11th grade level…


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