Stopping FISA (OR Is everything being done?)

I’ll admit, my understanding of Senate procedures is limited… but some things make me wonder.

If one Senator can stall a bill that is getting 83-9 support, why can’t someone do that to the FISA bill?

Senate progress toward approving a sweeping housing rescue plan was delayed on Wednesday by the objections of a Republican lawmaker who wants to attach an amendment dealing with renewable energy.


“One United States senator has decided this bill isn’t going to go forward,” Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd, chief architect of the housing bill, said on the Senate floor.

Why can’t the same Sen. Dodd, the most vocal opponent to the FISA legislation, do the same thing? Why not attach something like removing the “over 65” language from the Medicare statue to the FISA bill? Hell, if they’re going to take away our rights, the least they could do is give us health care.

In the meantime, it looks like Sen. Feingold has managed to create some deliberation time.

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