Perspectives (OR Freedom for me, but not for thee)

Apparently, the Supreme Court ruled today that DC’s gun ban was unconstitutional. I haven’t read the opinions, and don’t know much about the law itself, but all the conversation got me thinking:

Republicans (and a disturbing percentage of Democrats) have been not just willingly but enthusiastically working to undermine the rights granted by the 4th Amendment. They have been doing so under the guise of “National Security,” which could be thought of as “protecting Americans from violent acts.” At least that’s what they make it sound like.

So, if our objective is to protect Americans from violent acts, and we’re willing to sacrifice rights guaranteed by the constitution, shouldn’t we be looking at eliminating the right to bear arms?

I don’t have statistics, but it seems to me that more Americans die every year due to gun related violence than terrorist attacks. If the “safety of the American people” is the objective (at any cost), wouldn’t it make more sense to undermine the 2nd Amendment instead of the 4th?


One Response to Perspectives (OR Freedom for me, but not for thee)

  1. truth=freedom says:

    O(30000) people die each year from injuries due to firearms in the United States. I don’t know the breakdowns for domestic/acquaintance/stranger, but almost 17000 of that number is suicides. According to the number of homocides (and again, no breakdown for domestic/acquaintance/stranger), is 11000.

    Even if you count all of the military deaths due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the deaths due to terrorist attacks against Americans is about at least an order of magnitude lower (7000/7 years).

    So, yes, if you want to calculate it that way, you really should clamp down on guns far harder than terrorists.

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