Bounce or Ascent (OR Must it come down?)

There’s been a decent amount of talk about the latest Newsweek poll, showing Sen. Obama up 15 percentage points on Sen. McCain. The bobbleheads are referring to it as the post-primary “bounce.”

I do wonder, though, if “bounce” is the wrong term. Bounce implies, to me, that the gap will shrink eventually.

If you’ve listened to Sen. McCain speak, or discuss policy, you’ve probably been less than impressed by his delivery and the content. And I don’t think it’s just a liberal perspective that makes the content unimpressive. His statements seem generally confused, and (if you harken to his prior statements) are often contradictory. He simply doesn’t have, or portray, a cohesive approach to governance.

In contrast, Sen. Obama presents intricate, well thought out, policy proposals. It’s hard to not see the difference in preparation and depth of thought. Even if you don’t agree with the policies, the difference between the two candidates is very distinct and Sen. McCain seems thoroughly unimpressive.

That being said, it seems to be that the longer this campaign goes on, the more clear the gap between the candidates will become. I think the gap will grow, if for no other reason than President Bush has redefined the basement floor, creating more room for Sen. McCain to slide into:

The survey found public approval of the president’s job performance at a new low for a Times/Bloomberg poll: 23%, compared with 73% disapproval.


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