Landscaping Ho!

Ha!  And I bet you thought I forgot, or that I was going to fail…

Well, you were pretty close to right, but I decided that, if this whole ‘using your supposed esteem for me to inspire me to actually buckle down and start working on my landscaping’ thing was going to work, I ought to at least start week #1 on the right foot.

Although, I must point out that Faithful Reader T.S. wrote me privately to say that it this whole plan rests on an assumption which may well be faulty, which is that my readers hold me in any esteem to begin with.  Which is a statement whose truth I cannot argue, except to say that, at least in my head, it is not at all true, and so it ought to serve as motivation for me, either way.

So, the baseline pictures of my yard as it stood this morning.

Firstly, the backyard, to the left as you are facing out from the patio.  Note the well-developed weed crop, including some that are taller than my dog.

Next, the backyard center shot.  Here, the key feature is the general lack of anything alive whatsoever, other than the huge tree, which is only hanging on through sheer stubbornness, I assume.

Finally, the backyard right, which is the current money shot.  You can see the panels of bamboo fence, which I put together on Saturday with the help of Faithful Reader S.M. and Official Roommate Anthony.  The big accomplishment today, with the continued help of O.R. Anthony and Faithful Reader S.C., was to put up the fence posts to which the fence will be attached.  Hopefully sometime early this week I will be able to string the panels to the posts, at which point I will have an actual dog-free garden area!  Not that I’ve proven to possess the ability to grown anything whatsoever, so it may be a garden full of dead plants, but at least they’ll be safe from the dogs…

The front yard is in, well, not much better shape than the back.  In the shot looking right from the driveway, you can see the beginnings of the pathway that I’m hoping to put in this summer, as well as the beginning of the terraced garden.

And, finally, the front yard left, featuring my lovely homemade flower/weed bed, and some strange, white plastic thing which I hope is a part of O.R. Anthony’s boat.

That’s about it.  As I said above, we’ve already made a serious improvement, which is the planting of the fenceposts for the garden fence.  Hopefully, by next week’s shoot, there will be a full fence in place!


2 Responses to Landscaping Ho!

  1. Shane says:

    Ya know… I was riding to work this morning, fully thinking that I’d have to comment on the absence of a landscaping post…

    Instead, you’ve made me go and post about FISA again…

  2. Michelle says:

    I will definitely be watching to see what you do with the landscaping. I’m excited that you might do some serious xeriscaping in the high plains desert of Colorado. Don’t disappoint me!

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