ARGGH!!! (OR FISA Redux)

Glenn Greenwald has been following this for a couple days: it seems that FISA won’t die. A “compromise” bill, which gives the Republicans everything they want, has been negotiated and will come to the floor of the House tomorrow.

Atrios is kind enough to provide contact information for Rep. Hoyer

Steny Hoyer
1705 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone – (202) 225-3130

Seriouly, if ever there was an issue to get pissed off about, it’s this one. I hate phones, and keep my thoughts more clearly organized in writing, so I wrote an email (which I’ve copied below the fold) to Speaker Pelosi, who you can contact here.

Speaker Pelosi-

FISA has, apparently, reared it’s ugly head again with a “compromise” engineered by Rep. Hoyer. I understand that you support the language in the bill, and will allow it to come to the floor.

I am writing to express my significant displeasure with this development.

The idea that the President can declare that certain parties cannot be held accountable for illegal actions is reprehensible and un-American. We take for granted that no one is above the law, but this FISA legislation will declare that to be patently untrue.

The “compromise” FISA bill creates a scenario where the determination of the legality of an action resides solely in the Executive branch of our government. The fact that scope is limited to a finite period of time is immaterial. The rule of law should be absolute in this country.

Additionally, the secrecy behind the inevitable dismissals of civil suits is equally unacceptable. This administration has wrapped themselves in a shroud of secrecy through claims of “executive priviledge.” Even the possibility that this same priviledge can be extended to corporations is disturbing.

Transparency and accountability are vital principles in our government. This administration has done enough to undermine them. Please do not allow the Democratic Congress (which we elected to put a stop to this blatant disregard for the law) to further enable this President’s disasterous policies.

You demonstrated a powerful will in not bending to President Bush’s demands for Social Security reform. This seems, once again, to be a time to dig in your heels and say “Never. Is never good enough for you?”

Never should our government willingly infringe on our rights.
Never should someone be above the law.
Never should Americans be trod upon to protect the finances of corporations.
Never should Americans be prevented from learning the truth of their government.

The passage of this bill will, I think, cement the Democrats’ status as the lesser of two evils. I expect better, and I think that I am not alone.




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