Government Fraud And Waste

I’m going to get all, like, medieval and counterintuitive on your ass here. Just watch this shit.

Firstly, this liberal is going to rail against wasteful spending by a government agency.

Next, I’m going to decry the expenditure of government funds on scientific research.

After that, I’m going to call for a massive expenditure on a speculative, very likely to never be needed, defensive program designed to protect us from a massively dangerous event.

Actually, no, I’m not going to do any of those things, because Gregg Easterbrook (who publishes at’s Page 2 under the nom de jeu Tuesday Morning Quarterback) already wrote the article explaining all these things. If you don’t feel like jumping into an entire Atlantic cover story-length article, there’s a pretty good (both in the sense of execution and explanation) summary movie.

The short, short version of the argument is that the government has no business building a base on the moon. For that matter, the entire space program, which consists of highly-dangerous missions sending astronauts to a barely-functional space station to conduct entirely frivolous scientific experiments, is a huge waste of money. Instead, we should be spending money to build a system which could detect, analyze and, if necessary, deflect an incoming giant space rock (asteroid or comet.)

As they say, read (or watch) the whole thing.


One Response to Government Fraud And Waste

  1. Shane says:

    OK… I’m only halfway in… the only question I have is: do we really need more incredibly unlikely events to be afraid of?

    Should someone, somewhere be concerned? Probably… do we really believe it’s a more imminent or existential threat than say, global warming? Oy…

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