My New Toy

It’s a long story, hardly worth the telling.  But, for reasons varied and arcane, my dad is buying me a new motorcycle.

Actually, he has already bought it.  A 2003 Harley 100th Anniversary Classic Fat Boy.  Jet black, lots of chrome.  Anyone want to see it?  Of course you do.

I must admit, seeing it, even in this less-than-perfect shot of it, sitting in my parents’ garage, I am pretty excited about it.

My one concern: am I going to become one of Those Harley Guys now?  If I ever become one of Those Harley Guys, any one of you, my Faithful Readers, have my express and explicit permission to walk up to me and kick me in the nuts.  Seriously.  Pow!  Right in the nuts.

So….anyone want a used 2000 Suzuki Katana?


One Response to My New Toy

  1. Elissa says:

    I will totally kick you in the nuts. And then I’ll steal the bike.

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