Rough week (OR Nowhere to go but down?)

As I hinted in my rambling post yesterday, it has, to all appearances, not been a good week for Sen. McCain.

First, there’s this snippet (via Atrios):

In a further sign that Republican hopes are fading badly, the head of the Senate GOP’s campaign committee has set a new goal for the party this Fall: Not to lose too many Senate seats.

And, Ambinder chimes in with this:

Here’s the start of that Obama bump, per Gallup. It ain’t gonna be 15 points by the time of the convention, but there are some in McCain’s world who legitimately believe that McCain will NEVER be ahead in the popular vote (but will still win the election.)

Of course, this reinforces my feeling that the Republicans, and Sen. McCain are going to be routed in November.To further that point, there’s this nifty graph (via Ezra):

Age and Party Identification

And, Sen. Obama is trying something never attempted in a Presidential campaign.

“In all 50 states, supporters like you — seasoned veterans and first-time volunteers alike — will host house meetings with the express purpose of reaching out and bringing together folks who supported all of the Democratic candidates (and those who are just tuning into the process now).”

If his movement is able to motivate that blue line up there to actually vote, the Republican’s worst fears are going to come true.

Additionally, as information like that in this nice little chart (from ThinkProgress’ Wonk Room) becomes more well known, Sen. Obama’s popularity and support should increase.

Perhaps to the levels of support he has in Europe:

A poll in late May of five major countries — Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia — showed Sen. Obama getting 52% support, compared with 15% for Sen. McCain. In France, 65% favor Sen. Obama, compared with 8% for Sen. McCain, according to the poll for the United Kingdom’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. Another poll published online Saturday in Belgium’s Le Soir newspaper showed Belgians prefer Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain 74% to 12%.

And then there’s this (via Andrew Sullivan):

Let’s start with the economy. When voters know what party each message comes from, we lose 37% to 58% and trail among independents by 18%. Ouch. However, when you read both messages without telling voters who they come from, the story gets worse.

Republican voters like the Democrat’s message more than their own party’s message by a large 14% margin when they don’t know which party it comes from. Just as disturbing, numbers among independents drop by another 10%… giving the Democrats a massive 28% advantage. Even our horrifically damaged image is better than our message on the economy. Independents and even Republicans simply like the Democrats’ plan more than ours.

And, oh yeah, there’s that Iraq thing… where the government we helped put in place is refuting our government’s “demand” to allow 58 US military bases. Intriguingly, after some debate over whether the military conflict was a civil war, it now seems as though President bush (and Sen. McCain) want to embroil us in another country’s politics… which is more than a little troubling, since our own country’s politics are a mess all their own.

The good news is that Iraq’s government is doing what ours cannot, and looks to be preventing a permanent US presence. Of course, Sen McCain has stake a decent chunk of his candidacy on making that happen.

But then, I already said it’s been a bad week for Sen. McCain.


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