Absent (OR Limited creativity)

Attentive readers will have noticed my absence the last couple days. Interestingly, in that time Dave has complimented me twice, which either means he appreciates my silence or is up to something nefarious.

Anyway- for the last few days at work I’ve been playing with a wiki-based Intranet product that we just acquired. So, I have been doing some very blog-like work all day, haven’t had much inclination to blog at home. But, I’m sure you don’t care.

Right now, though, I’m riding the bus home, and testing WordPress’ mobile site. If you see anything odd in this post, like stray HTML code, that’s why.

This mobile blogging thing doesn’t really allow me to reference and quote stuff, so allow me to ramble for a little bit (more).

Some thoughts as we complete the first week of “real” general election campaigning:

– Much more is being said about Sen. McCain than Sen. Obama; now that there isn’t wall to wall Demorcratic primary coverage to distract from Sen. McCain’s candidacy, people are looking at McCain, the candidate, and (not surprisingly) not liking what they’re seeing.

– Along those lines, I just don’t see how Sen. McCain can pick up any votes. Those who aren’t offended, dismayed, or disaffected by him and his policies are already in his camp. For anyone else, the more you learn, the less you’ll like (like that how long we stay in Iraq isn’t “too important”).

– I imagine Sen. Obama is enjoyinh being out of the media spotlight for a bit. He’s still campaigning, of course, but he’s been staying out of all the messes that Sen. McCain is making for himself.

Now, onto other random thoughts:
– An absolute horde of used cars appeared on the Pepsi Center’s parking lot over the weekend. I guess it’s some giant used car sale. It’s amusing that half the lot is trucks or SUVs, and most of the rest are mid-size+ sedans. There’s only one row of compact looking cars.

– Which brings me to fuel prices. Marketplace ran a story yesterday about Congress inquiring about alternatively fueled vehicles. Somewhere along the line, someone mentioned that we have a huge fleet of automobiles, and transitioning to more efficient vehicles will take a long time. He didn’t mention what kind of impact improved effiency standards might have had, had we not dicked around for 30 years with the “bigger is better” theory to car sales.

– And lastly, Dave and I are going to try the to liveblog Game 4 of the NBA Finals tonight. Not sure how it’ll work, or come out, but hey- this is our blog, and we will do with it what we want. :)

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