Product Placement

I’m not usually one to shill for a product, but as a service here at Damn Lefties, I do consider it important to let you know, every once in a while, when we learn about something really revolutionary.

Sick and tired of being forced to make the decision between a) sweeping my floor every night and b) dealing with having a disgustingly dirty floor, I decided that it was time to invest in a better pet-brushing solution.  The pet in question is Simon, the official dog of Damn Lefties (I feel safe saying that, as my co-blogger is a cat person.  Somehow, he manages to be a decent guy in spite of this.)  Simon is a wonderful creature, with a few small bad habits, most notably overexuberance at the opportunity to greet people, and the tendency to shed fur on every surface he came in proximity to.

I had been using a normal wire brush.  It worked okay, pulling a decent amount of fur out, but seemed to irritate his skin, and the amount of fur coming out never seemed to really decrease.  After 15 minutes of brushing, I was still pulling out just as much fur as when I started, and Simon was pulling away from me, obviously bored and not enjoying the experience.

So I went to PetCo, to see what their groomer recommended.  She said that, hands down, the only thing I wanted was a Furminator.  I had noticed this in their brush section, but at $50 seemed a bit stiff, especially since it didn’t look significantly different from other, much less expensive, products on the shelf.  I’ve never paid $50 on anything to groom myself, that’s for damn sure.  Hell, I haven’t even paid for a haircut in about 7 years.

But she was so adamant, I decided to give it a shot.  Unfortunately for PetCo, they were sold out of the large size.  Fortunately, that size was on sale at Amazon for $33, down from $60 retail.  It arrived in the mail today, and I really couldn’t wait to give it a shot.

If you go to the Furminator site, you’ll see this picture, demonstrating the amount of hair they pulled off a Golden Retriever in a single brushing.

And it’s not that I thought they were lying, necessarily, so much as ‘well, the Golden is legendary for the amount of hair it can shed.  If you let a full-grown Golden go a month without brushing, of course it will have four pounds of dead undercoat to remove.

But, honestly, after seeing what that thing did to Simon’s undercoat in about 20 minutes’ time, I’m a True Believer.

Not quite as impressive as the above picture, but for a shorter-haired dog like a lab, still pretty damn good.
And better, it didn’t appear to irritate his skin nearly as badly, and although he didn’t love the experience, he tolerated it much better than previous brushes.

So, the Furminator receives the Damn Lefties Seal of Approval ™.    And for all my Faithful Readers and co-bloggers who are cat owners, they have a cat version as well…


2 Responses to Product Placement

  1. Elissa says:

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that we stopped carrying the Furminator at our Retail Shop at the Humane Society because of it’s potential to hurt the animal’s skin. I’m not sure what the specifics were, you could probably google some safe use tips…

  2. Jenny says:

    But then there is this person whose vet and local Humane Society recommended the Furminator for her cat.

    Maybe there’s a difference between how it affects cats vs dogs?

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