Seconded! (OR Rambling thoughts, Healthcare to Veep)

Dave is kind enough to mention the news that Sen. Obama will be partnering with Elizabeth Edwards on Health Care policy/reform/etc…  This is, in fact, good news. I don’t really know how good, but it is good. Dave points to a couple of Ezra’s pieces, which are a good starting point…  you should also read these posts from Elizabeth Edwards herself.

Anyway, onto the quality of this goodness…  as I understand it, E. Edwards pushed her husband very hard to propose a single payer system, rather than the hybrid he eventually decided upon. Because of the vagueness of the partnership, we don’t know what this really means…  Is this just a promise to include E. Edwards after winning the election? I don’t really see how it can help Sen. Obama in the general election. It may solidify support on the left (which, really, seems bound to happen regardless), but this could open him to stronger attacks from the right.

Or, perhaps, as Dave hints, this is an opening foray into Edwards as Veep, about which I would also be excited.

Right now, though, the Veepstakes are very muddled (as they should be)…  which leads me to the singular Veep thought that runs through my brain every time another name comes up:

If we are, in fact, at the beginning of a growing, long-term, country-wide shift to the left…
And we believe that Barack Obama will preside over a largely successful Presidency, with a Democratic congress behind him…
And that, perhaps, this election (and perhaps subsequent ones) will alter the electoral landscape…

Shouldn’t the VP be someone who can continue down the path that Sen. Obama is taking us?

To me, this means a couple things. One, someone who will continue to pull the country left (which probably disqualifies a self-declared Reagan Democrat, like Jim Webb). Two, someone young enough to still be young enough to run in 8 years (which disqualifies people like Gov. Sibelius, Sen. Clinton, Sen. Biden, Sen. Dodd, etc).

Now, I don’t know enough about the political landscape, or the possibilities to offer my own suggestions, so I’ll just repeat others.

Obviously, there’s Edwards. And I was intrigued by Brian Schweitzer (via Andrew Sullivan).

For a much larger list, look here.


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