Irony (OR Personal Timing)

Yesterday, this ad from Sen. McCain came across my path (due to the headless rockstar)…  it’s about the honor code that Sen. McCain’s high school had, and how that influenced him.

First, the video:

Did you catch the honor code?

I will not lie.
I will not cheat.
I will not steal.

So, how does one reconcile that with this? Interestingly, this video is not currently available on Sen. McCain’s website.

More humorously, what do you suppose is burning?


One Response to Irony (OR Personal Timing)

  1. Claire says:

    I was interested to note the fourth piece of that honor code – “report any fellow classmate that breaks the honor code.” If you wanted to extend that into today’s government, it makes me think of two things: first, it sounds quite 1950s Stalin-ish when children were rewarded for reporting their parent;, second, I have to wonder how much influence it had on McCain’s support for the anti-terrorism policies in place. (Guantanamo, wire-tapping, increased security, holding people indefinitely..) In essence, in addition to certain standar moral imperatives, you’re encouraged to observe and report on your classmates. How..disgusting.

    I viewed the burning as a not-so-subtle support for the tobacco industry :)

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