Transportation (OR Does this map look eerily similar to anyone else?)

The Agonist points to this map from the NY Times about gas prices and income…

Obviously, there are lots of implications of this kind of data, but my first thoughts were:

  • Much of most effected areas are in staunchly red states.
  • Could Democrats make some headway in these areas by adding an “Affordable Public Transit” plank to their platform?

It seems safe to assume that gas prices aren’t going to drop any time soon… and we’re already behind the curve when it comes to public transit. Wouldn’t this be a good time to accentuate any public transit aspects of a climate change prevention/reversal policy?


One Response to Transportation (OR Does this map look eerily similar to anyone else?)

  1. truth=freedom says:

    Maybe you’ve never lived in a place where driving is your life. If you had, you’d know in your bones that cheap gas is your birthright, as is the ownership (without financial sacrifice) of many, enormous gas-guzzling vehicles.

    And riding public transportation is simply not done. I mean, you were a complete loser in my hometown if you didn’t own a car by the time you were 15 and 6 months (since you have had 6 months at that point to get a car after getting your license).

    RIding the bus? Never!

    And if you’re just the tiniest bit belligerent, you think it’s not just your birthright, you think that it’s why we have a military– “We should just take their oil,” was something I heard more than once in the run-up to the war in Iraq, and that was when oil was cheap.

    When more than half of Americans think the way you do, there won’t be a problem any more….

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