Huh? (OR What does the left look like?)

Andrew Sullivan points to this story at The New Republic about conservative support for Sen. Obama. Sullivan quotes a few paragraphs, including this tidbit:

As the blogger Megan McArdle has written, “His goal is not more government so that we can all be caught up in some giant, expressive exercise of collectively enforcing our collective will on all the other people standing around us in the collective; his goal is improving transparency and minimizing government intrusion while rectifying specific outcomes.”

The author, Bruce Barlett, doesn’t link to a source, so I don’t have any context, but I couldn’t help, when reading this, thinking:


Collectively enforcing our collective will? What are we? The Borg? As I wander through the blogosphere, I’m learning how liberal I am, but the concept of an American collective has never crossed my mind. Seriously, are there any liberals in this country who think like that?

As I understand her reputation, McArdle is largely libertarian, and apparently thinks that any government is too much, but this idea that government is the collective enforcer, seems, well, silly.

2 Responses to Huh? (OR What does the left look like?)

  1. I always find libertarians rather silly, especially the hardcore ones.

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