Good News On Healthcare

Via Krugman, news that Obama has announced that he is going to be partnering with Elizabeth Edwards on healthcare.

I find this to be a very positive thing, indeed.  I was speaking with Faithful Reader S.M. this weekend, and I said that I hope Obama picks Edwards as his VP nominee.  Not just because Edwards would be a good veep, and a fine standard-bearer in 2016, if I can engage in a moment’s idle speculation.  No.  Instead, I think that anything that we can do to get Elizabeth Edwards as close as possible to the levers of power would be a very wise step, indeed.  As Ezra said to Dan Drezner on Bloggingheads last week, if metastatic breast cancer wasn’t a disqualification, I would love to have the chance to mark my ballot for Mrs. Edwards.  She’s everything Hilary Clinton could have been, but will never be, and having her directly associated with the presumptive nominee on one of the main planks of the Democrat’s platform for November is both good policy and good politics, a rare two’fer in this world.

Take this opportunity to go read Ezra’s wrapup post of John Edwards’ campaign, and his interview with Elizabeth Edwards, and see if you can disagree.


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  1. […] (OR Rambling thoughts, Healthcare to Veep) Dave is kind enough to mention the news that Sen. Obama will be partnering with Elizabeth Edwards on Health Care policy/reform/etc…  […]

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