Thursday Funnies

A few quick laughs for your Thursday afternoon slacking.

From the old standby The Onion, police in Liberty City (site of Grand Theft Auto IV) face allegations of incompetence and brutality. Money quote:

“I was shot 14 times on my way to work today, including twice by police,” said one Algonquin-area resident. “That is unacceptable.”

A Youtube video featuring the eerie similarities between various presidential candidates and certain Muppets. Best resemblances are Fred Thompson and Joe Biden.

And finally, and funniest of all, what the sports world would look like if the playoffs were conducted under the same, erm, flexibility of rules that the Clinton campaign tried to bring to the Democratic primary. Money quote:

So let’s get right down to it: Big shots matter. It makes no difference when they happen, or who’s leading at the time, or whether you’re likely to make them against the Lakers, or any of that complicated nonsense. And we all know that the only real big shot is a three-pointer. So sure, Boston won more games than us, and scored more points, and made more baskets, and hit more free throws, and never tried to rewrite the rules after the fact. But we dominated them in three-point shooting, hitting 29 long ones to their 26 over the course of the series. Take this into account and it becomes apparent that we are by far the strongest competitor the Eastern Conference can field against the Lakers.

As they say, read the whole thing.


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