Bad Speech (OR McCain Supports Obama)

I flipped over to watch the bobbleheads on MSNBC waste time before the polls close, and stumbled into a speech by Sen. McCain.

A couple quick thoughts:

  • McCain’s acting like there are reminders on the teleprompters to smile. He doesn’t manage the transition from speech to graceful smile at all well.
  • McCain has spent a couple minutes talking about the right change vs. the wrong change; that the right change would begin to address issues like the economy, health care, education, etc. So far though, he hasn’t indicated that the changes he proposing are those “right” changes.
  • I think this is why moderates think he’s one of them. He says lots of things that ring true to anyone listening, and spends most of his time focusing on them and then slides his ultraconservative solutions in at the end.
  • McCain seems to place just as many “Boo the opponent” lines in his speech as applause line.
  • McCain tears into “extravagant spending” that has indebted us… apparently, the war doesn’t count.
  • His audience can’t seem to find anything more enlightening to chant than “Vote John McCain” or “John McCain”

OK, that’s it… I can’t watch any more…


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