Things I Do During Intermission

Against my better judgement, I’ve had the Stanley Cup finals on in the background tonight, while catching up on various and sundry things like e-mail and pulling up weeds in the front yard. Hell of a game so far, with the Penguins putting up some damn sweet goals en route to a 3-3 tie, which is now heading into a third overtime period.

Normally, my ranking of interest levels in professional sports goes something like:

  1. NFL Football
  2. NBA Basketball
  3. Professional Poker
  4. MLB Baseball
  5. Pro Soccer (preferably European)
  6. Human Cockfighting (a.k.a. Mixed Martial Arts)

37. Dwarf Tossing

59. NHL Hockey

However, that said, playoff hockey is almost always exciting. Stanley Cup Finals hockey is always exciting. Sudden Death overtime Stanley Cup Finals hockey, with one team on the brink of winning the championship? Well, let’s just say that, at one remarkable save my Penguins goalie Fleury, I let out a yowl of excitement so loud that Simon, official dog of the Damn Lefties, felt the need to join in and express his shock, joy, or some inscrutable doggie emotion.

And now – Goal! Great power play by the Pens. What a game. I’m exhausted.

But, before I go to bed, the thing I intended to write about when I started this piece, which is what I do during intermission of overtime hockey games, which is to blog!

This weekend, Mikey, official Best Friend of this Damn Lefty, came out to Colorado for a visit. Mikey and I have applied for an elk hunting license for the 2008 Fall hunting season. Now, it may surprise many of you to find out that a good, sensitive, animal-loving lefty like myself would be interested in hunting. However, I see it as pretty natural. I am pro-meat, as a part of the whole ‘caveman diet’ thing. I think I’ve written about that before, but maybe ought to do so again. Now is not the time, though.

Anyhow, I am pro-meat. I like meat, meat tastes good, and I think that it can be quite good for you, if the right meat is eaten in appropriate quantities. However, having read Fast Food Nation and other items about the American farming and meatpacking system, I am strongly anti-meat farming. In particular, the modern American meat mass-production system produces meat which is fatty, worse for your health than wild animals, and, for a bonus, treats the animals in it absolutely horribly, leaving them to live short, exceedingly unpleasant lives.

Hunting, on the other hand, if done for the purposes of procuring meat for eating, is, in my opinion, a completely defensible choice, ethically. A good shot kills an animal very quickly, with a minimum of pain felt. Also, the animal gets to live a comparatively long, free life prior to its death. Colorado, in addition, is very careful about wildlife and habitat management. The funds collected from hunting licenses go towards habitat preservation, for the benefit of both the animals and the hunters, as the animals are guaranteed to always have areas uninhabited by man (and cars, roads, etc.) for them to enjoy, and hunters are enjoyed an ongoing supply of game to hunt.

So anyhow, Mike brought his rifle out with him, so we could do some practice shooting. We headed up into Roosevelt National Forest above Ward, got a little ways off trail, and did some shooting. Here’s one pattern that we were able to do (two of the three shots in this plate, I believe, came from me) at a distance of about 45 yards.

Okay, I can’t figure out how to post an image. Damn. And I’m too tired to troubleshoot right now. I’ll have to do it tomorrow….

UPDATE: Here’s the picture.


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