BasketBlog (OR Random thoughts on tonights game)

I’ve had the Celtics/Pistons game on while reading and writing blogs tonight… some thoughts from a half attentive viewer:

  • I think the Refs forgot how to use their whistles in the first quarter. The game looked more like rugby than basketball.
  • How the Pistons could be up 5 after a first quarter where they out shot the Celtics by 23% percent is beyond me.
  • Glen “Big Baby” Davis manages to make a uniform, which looks big and baggy on everyone else, look about 2 sizes to small.
  • At some point Rajon Rondo will realize that a good time to shoot is when you’re unguarded in the lane.
  • Based on this game alone, I wonder if the Eastern Conference will attempt a change to the number fouls allowed before elimination much like the Big East did 10-15 years ago. The East sure seems to like the physicality…  even if it is incredibly painful to watch.

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