Better To Be Mocked, Or To Be Ignored?

To all my long-beloved Faithful Readers who have followed over from my old casa, thank you for all your kind words. Among the comments I have received since sending out my announcement e-mail of the new blog:

Dammit…. and I thought you were coming out.

I just wanted to thank you for having a “BIG CHANGE” that does not involve a) you being pregnant or b) moving to a different state.

I missed you dave.

Your blog’s RSS feed doesn’t seem to be working!

Thank goodness – I was worried that you had run off and joined some sort of Luddite anti-blogging cult, or died in a car accident, or got a real job, or something horrible like that.

I didn’t read your original crappy blog…why the hell should I care about this one?

So, I thank you for the honest outpouring of emotion, Faithful Readers. I only hope that I can live up to your apparently meager expectations…


2 Responses to Better To Be Mocked, Or To Be Ignored?

  1. truth=freedom says:

    Yes, your RSS is broken. Get on that you slacker!

  2. truth=freedom says:

    I sit corrected. There it is….

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