Welcome to the Desert of the Real

Hey everyone,

Hopefully, y’all are just making your first stop in here, based on some e-mail you just received, or were pointed over from either Shane or my previous homes.  Either way, welcome!

I have been pretty well absent from the blogosphere for over a month, planning the 2008 UPA College Championships, as Shane just pointed out.  It was a great, if entirely exhausting experience.  As of Monday morning, waking up has not been an event, so much as a process.  Monday morning, I made my way to about 30% awake.  After a 2 hour nap Monday afternoon, I made it all the way to 50%.  Today, I’m hovering at the 80% level, which means that I feel capable of writing something coherent here.  Or, at least, as vaguely coherent as I am ever capable of writing!

We’ll be sketching out, in the following weeks, what we hope to accomplish on this here little plot of blogoland.  Hopefully you, our soon-to-be-Faithful Readers, can help take part in that process as well.  For me, I will be spending the next day or two unpacking some observations from Nationals, the colloquial term for the tournament I just survived, as well as a few random thoughts from the last 5 weeks.

So, welcome aboard, sit back and enjoy the ride!


One Response to Welcome to the Desert of the Real

  1. Shane says:

    Wait a minute.. does this mean we have plans/hopes/dreams/delusions about this here blog?


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